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Day 1 done…

photo_2019-09-22 20.26.36.jpeg

Today was my first day of my 10 week challenge officially along with doing a keto diet. I’m a little nervous about doing keto but I’m really hoping it helps me with losing weight and balancing out my hormones like I have read its suppose to do…I have also heard of people who were going through infertility get pregnant while doing keto! So I tried it today and I went over my carbs which I’m not too upset about it given the fact its my first day ever on it and its still lower than what my usual carb and sugar intake would have been usually. I also fasted for almost 19 hours today thanx to sleeping in 🙂

I have been having such bad back issues and now I have a tiny tiny scratch in my right eye which I have to do antibiotics drops couple of times a day for the next few days; so last thing I wanted to do was exercise but I had my husband along with my niece, nephew and sister in law join me in going for a walk around our neighborhood for 30 minutes. I still have to read my book for 15 minutes or more tonight before bed which I’m planning on doing after I’m done writing this blog post and I’ll officially be done with day 1…woohoo!

For my keto food today, I wanted to share what I ate.

I made myself a smoothie this morning consisting of strawberries and blueberries which I read just barely today you can only have 1/4 cup of and I obviously had added more than that. I also added my Alani nu protein powder along with chia seeds, almond milk and a teaspoon of peanut butter (which I also found out today that we’re not allowed to have on keto…sucks) oh and I also added a ton of spinach to my smoothie as well.

Then I made myself and my husband some lunch/dinner. I made scrambled eggs with spinach, turkey bacon, cherry tomatoes and avocado….it was delicious. I was planning on starting to fast around that time but then around 5:30 I started to get a big craving for something sweet so I ate one of my “ONE” protein bars; which I’m still not sure if its on to eat on keto or not…I’ll have to research it since it’s kinda of high in carbs I believe its 17 grams of carbs for the bar…

That was the last thing I had before I started fasting for the night…

Any recipes/tips/advice for doing Keto??




Challenge on hold…

So I started what I thought was going to my 10 week challenge on Monday; well I tried but I’ve been so tired that I didn’t put my best into it! My workouts for Monday and Tuesday were pretty much walking slowly at my house which I get is better than nothing but I just have been so tired I haven’t been able to do anything! Then yesterday afternoon I ended up pulling a muscle on my lower back and I think I’m getting a cold because my throat has been killing me! Since I got back from Costa Rica I’ve been very very busy and extremely tired so I’m going to just stop the challenge and just hopefully start from day 1 this coming Sunday as long as my back is ok! But for now I’ll be going to work and coming home and resting my body which is what I desperately need!

Anyone want to do the 10 week challenge with me starting this Sunday September 22nd to Sunday December 1st?


Costa Rica!

My husband and I went on vacation a little over a week ago and had such a great time! We went to Guanacaste Costa Rica and stayed at Dreams Las Mareas for a week! We relaxed, enjoyed our time in the pool and did ATV for the first time ever! I was so nervous but it was actually fun! I did almost fall off once though but hey for my first time ever… that wasn’t too bad! We did a day tour to Nicaragua as well and got to see an active volcano and I even got to feed a monkey which was so awesome! Here are a few pictures from our trip…

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10 week challenge starts Today!

Good morning!

Even though I didn’t finish my challenge last time, I actually really enjoyed it and felt like it helped me in a lot of ways of making sure I read everyday and worked out as well; therefore I decided to do another one! This time I will be doing a 10 week challenge rather than a 6 week challenge!

My 10 week challenge starts today and ends on November 25th! This is what I’ll have to do everyday (minus the weekly photo) in order to complete my challenge:

• Workout everyday for at least 30 minutes.

• Drink a gallon or more of water.

• Read for 15 minutes or more daily.

• Write a blog post everyday!

• Intermittent fast. Minimum of 12 hours but aim for 16!

• Progress photo once a week along with measuring myself once a week.

I’m so excited, it has been about 3 weeks since I worked out but I’m ready to get back into it! I also want to eventually incorporate keto into my diet slowly!

Anyone want to do the challenge with me?

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I failed (in a way)…

photo_2019-08-25 21.57.44

So I had challenged myself to workout and fast for about 6 weeks and well I did a great job for a month, then well I kinda I don’t want to say gave up but I stopped. I am sort of disappointed in myself but at the same time I’m ok with it. This was by far the longest challenge I have done and I’m proud of myself to sticking to it for that long. I am however going to start another challenge that will be for 10 weeks on September 8th and I will post about it this coming week.

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21 days in…

2019-08-10 20.28.00

I started a challenge 21 days ago and I am so surprised that I have stuck to it! My challenge mainly consisted of working out 5 to 7 days but decided to just challenge myself to workout everyday even if its a slow turtle walk for 30 minutes. I have had to also read everyday, along with watch what I eat, drink more water and fast daily. Some days were a lot harder than others but I managed to force myself to get up and do some sort of exercise for 30 minutes at least. When I started the challenge I was 275 pounds; I am now 271.8. my goal is to be at least 265 by the end of this month; which means I have 21 more days to lose 6.8 pounds. I feel like if this was someone else it would be so much more easier but I think for me its so much harder to lose the weight since I have such hormone issues. I even got my period while doing this challenge which I hadn’t gotten in 3 months and oh my goodness the pain was unreal.. the cramps hurt like a bitch but I still pushed myself to work out.

The shocking part is that I am actually starting to really enjoy working out and I have noticed that I don’t get as tired when I workout as I used too … I am loving it!

Heres to the last 21 days of the challenge…lets see what will happen!



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July challenge update…

Happy August! Can you believe it’s already August? Where has the time gone seriously? The months are just flying on by in a blink of an eye! Yesterday was my birthday and my first goal was to reach 275 by my birthday but then changed my goal to 265 to 270. I sadly didn’t reach my second goal but I did reach my first one, I weighed myself yesterday morning and was 274.4. Woohoo! At least I was lower then I wanted my first goal to be!

As for my challenge I put myself on, I’m actually doing really good. I have been sticking to it all since I started it almost 2 weeks ago! I’ve been working out every single day even the days I’m extremely tired and or lazy; I try to just do something for 30 minutes rather then just laying my ass in bed!

The first week I had so much energy and this week I have just been so tired and lazy but I force myself to go! I feel like if I skip a day, I’ll just give up on my challenge slowly! For example like today, I went to Disneyland with the little girl I nanny for and we all know Disneyland is exhausting but I forced myself to go to the gym afterwards at 9:30pm (straight from work to the gym) and worked out for 45 minutes! I’m beyond exhausted right now and it’s already 11:30 pm but I wanted to write this down since it is the 1st of the month!

I’m really hoping I can fully stick to this challenge of working out everyday, reading everyday, fasting and drinking a lot more water daily the rest of the month like I challenged myself to do. I also am really hoping that I’ll be 265 or less by the end of August…fingers crossed!